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Tips for trips


Old Třeboň – the historic town centre is unique as it is one of the few historical Czech towns still only accessible from the gate or gateway.

Main Square in Třeboň – surrounded by residential houses with Renaissance and Baroque gables. In the middle of the square is a Renaissance stone fountain, near which is the precious Baroque Marian Column.

Třeboň Castle – one of the largest castle complexes in the Czech Republic. In its place there originally was a manor court, which changed into a fortress and later a stone castle, first mentioned in 1374. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park and walls.

Tomb of the Schwarzenbergs – one of the most noteworthy architectural monuments in South Bohemia. It is located in the park on the southeast side of Svět pond. It was built in the late 19th century in the Gothic style. The tomb contains the remains or commemorates the 27 members of the Schwarzenberg family. One of its peculiarities is that the tomb is located below ground level and the level of Svět pond.

Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre – built in 1832 in the premises of the former town brewery malt house. A gilded wooden chandelier hangs in the auditorium. The painted decoration of the ceiling and the walls above the stage are the work of painter V. Skála.

Deanery Church of the Virgin Mary and St. Giles – a former Augustinian monastery located near the main square. A special feature is the church aisle, which was built here for the first time in the Czech lands. Also from around 1400 is the marl statue of the Madonna with child, which is the only one still housed in the Church.

Třeboň Brewery – the brewing tradition in Třeboň dates back to 1379. The current brewery was rebuilt from the original Rosenberg armoury of the Schwarzenberg estate brewery in the early 18th century.

Exhibition of the Třeboň Region – landscape and people – presents in an engaging way all the important features of the Třeboň Region. It is a combination of three-dimensional dioramas and historical figurines, including large-scale printed exhibits – maps, photographs and drawings.


Fish farming has a long tradition in the Třeboň Region. The first ponds (originally called states) were established in the second half of the 14th century. The oldest are Dvořiště and Bošilecký. The golden era of fish farming begins in the 16th century. The pond system is dominated by the Rosenberg pond (647 hectares), built between 1584–1590, Svět pond, the Golden Canal, which serves as a control and supply for the Třeboň ponds. More than 500 lakes and ponds presently make up 16 systems in the Třeboň Region, the most famous of which are Nadějská and Chlumecká. Fish farming is also reflected in the character of culinary specialties and the Rybářská bašta (Fisherman's Delight) restaurant menu


Bike trail around Třeboň – 39 km, 22 stops

The trail circles through the forest and pond landscape. The route runs along peaceful class III. asphalt roads and partly around forest paths and pond dikes. The Okolo Světa Nature Trail – 12 km, 16 stops. This route forms a closed loop around Svět pond. It provides information about the development of the Třeboň Region thanks to the long, mutually beneficial co-existence of man with the surrounding landscape, as well as the history and present life of the pond and spa. The larger part of the trail leads through fields and forest paths. In the park on the south side of Svět pond you can visit the Schwarzenberg tomb.

Bike trail Rožmberk – 22 km, 12 stops

This trail begins and ends in Třeboň. Its theme is fishing and so it naturally circles the largest lake – Rosenberg. Its dam is not only an impressive technical feat, but also interesting in terms of natural science.

National natural reserve and nature trail Červené blato – 4 km, 9 stops

This trail is one of the most interesting natural reserves in the Czech Republic. It protects one of the best-known and most easily accessible peat bogs in the Třeboň Region. Most of the trail is paved. Its interesting flora consists of bog pine and their hybrids, Marsh Labrador Tea, blueberry, bilberry and other species. Other attractions include the u Vlkova sand dunes, monument to Ema Destinnová, Jemčina Castle, Stříbřec, Chlumecká and the Nadějská fishpond system.


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